Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scary Movies :)

Scary movies? Some say that they are terrifying,, others say they are simply a normal movie. The Free Dictionary says that horror movies should cause an intense painful feeling of repugnance or fear. So, are we supposed to have this "intense" feeling for the movie to truly be scary? Well,, in my opinion any movie that makes you jump is considered scary. Lol. :) I HATE scary movies. Sometimes. Not always though. Here is a trailer of one of my favorite scary movies, Mama. I enjoy movies that are based on paranormal activity, such as Paranormal Activity. I watched a "scary" movie today called Devil, it was very interesting. The link will show you the trailer, but this movie is not very scary. Actually I don't think it is scary at all. Anyways,, enough of my rambling, do you have any suggestions on scary movies that I should watch?