Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday!!

This food was actually quite amazing. <3 I am very proud of myself. But we had other food as well. I have to give credit to my family for those. The only things that were not homemade were the tortilla chips and the jalapeno poppers. Other than that, we did a fine job at cooking. :)
Mozzarella sticks that I made. I have to say that they were amazing. Thank you skinny taste for your amazing recipes.
This here is chicken bacon ranch pizza. It was quite delicious.
 And our desert.
I know what you're thinking,, what are those Heavenly Bars.? To tell you the truth, that's exactly what they are. 

These brownies,, oh how amazing they tasted. I substituted instant coffee for the espresso powder and they still tasted absolutely amazing.!