Monday, March 4, 2013

Pet Peeves. :P

I believe that we all have those little things that bother us like nails scratching on a chalk board or the way a mechanical pencil will sound sometimes on paper. But then there is that one thing that you wish would never ever happen. And to me that thing is chomping or chewing food loudly. I am not sure about you, but this just bugs the poop out of me. And I know that it is not my concern or my ability to stop people from chewing, but I do not like it, one bit. To chomp is to chew vigorously and noisily, to make noisy biting or chewing action. Ughhh,, it just bugs me. But I know that sometimes you cannot help it like when you are eating chips, an apple, an orange, or a popsicle, but it still bothers me. My mother always tells me to tone the noise out, but how? How are you supposed to tone out a horse? It does not work, sorry. I know that sometimes I chomp too, but the only time that I am a tiny bit okay with it is if I cannot hear it or if I am eating the same thing which means I would be chomping which means I probably can not hear myself which means I probably cannot hear you. So,, in other words, don't chomp on purpose, it bugs me. 
Thank you. xoxo <3

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