Sunday, March 24, 2013

Caught Being Good Party. :)

A few weeks ago, yes I know that I am behind... My school had it's quarterly Caught Being Good Party to celebrate the end of the quarter. This "party" isn't really a party, well,, in my mind it is not. It is simply this group of people who do not know how to dance, I guess some of them do, but definitely not all of them. And their are normally around two or three slow dances, so if you don't make the first one their is always another one. :) For the first slow dance I danced with one of my best friends, DK (girl). The second dance I danced with the coolest person in the whole entire world, BK (also a girl). And for the third and final dance I  danced with one of my friends who I have known since like fifth grade, but we hadn't talked in awhile, AM (boy.) AM and I danced to the song Stay by Rihanna, which is an amazing song, you should listen to it. :) I love music! Especially music that means something to me. Does anyone have any really amazing songs that I should listen to? I am open to all types of genres (kinds of music).

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